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OT assessments for kids and teens

CAN-DO OT continues to offer specialised assessment and support for children and teens with handwriting and motor coordination challenges.

Ageeth’s work focusses on enabling children by empowering important people in the child’s life: parents and teachers.

A primary teacher herself, Ageeth has a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities of inclusive teaching and learning.

She carries out the following assessments:

  • Handwriting assessments and assessments for the use of a word processor at school.
The ability to express knowledge and ideas on paper is crucial for learning. If a child is not developing adequate handwriting skills for learning, remediation or compensatory strategies are needed for academic and self-esteem development.
The aim of these assessments is to clarify the underlying challenges that a child may have, in order to find the best solution for learning.

  • Assessments for Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), also known as Dyspraxia.
The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland suggests that about 6% of children between 5 and 11 years have DCD.

Children can have mild to quite severe problems with planning and coordinating movement. This affects their participation in everyday activities such as dressing, use of tools (e.g. scissors, cutlery, maths equipment and cooking utensils), handwriting, ball skills, etc.
They often also have difficulties with visual perception, planning, organisation, remembering instructions, etc.

Research shows that children with DCD usually do not grow out of these difficulties and that extra support is essential!
Having a better understanding of the underlying difficulties is the first important step in helping your child!

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